C.E.E. Regional Events: Story in full

IDC-G C.E.E. Regional Operations Dinner

22 February 2012, Prague

The 1st IDC-G regional event has kickstarted this February in the charming Prague! Alan Hawkins, Commercial Director of  Dataplex, the Hungarian Alliance Member of IDC-G, hosted this Operations Dinner of the central and eastern European region.

Attended IDC-G Alliance Members in the region included: Kiril Sushan, Sales Director of De Novo (Ukraine); Goran Đoreski, CEO, and Mladen Mijakic, Account Manager of Altus IT (Croatia); Sylwester Biernacki, President, and Damian Nowak, Key Account Manager of Plix (Poland);  Sorin Andone, Sales Manager, Marius Condor, Operations Manager, and Silviu Hera, Sales of NX Data (Romania); David Cologne, Co-Founder & Director of IXcellerate (Russia). Other guests included: Dariusz Nowakowski of P4 Sp. Z.o.o. (Poland); Steve Campbell-Ferguson, Associated Director of Arup; and David Theys, Managing Director of Arma Partners. The latter two are working with IXcellerate on its infrastructure design and project funding. IDC-G’s Alvaro Britto and Yidan Wang were also present.

‘I really enjoyed hosting the dinner and felt that everyone had a good time,’ said our wonderful host Alan Hawkins of Dataplex.

‘It was really a very good time spending with the other IDC-G members,’ said Sylwester Biernacki of Plix.

‘I really enjoyed the dinner, great to see all these DC guys exchanging experiences,’ said David Theys of Arma Partners.

The Operations Dinner, during which the guests got to network amongst each other, discussed current DC design issues, PUE, SLAs, etc., as well as shared ‘horror’ stories in DC operations, was such a great success and a lovely time that it for sure set precedence for the events to come in our other regions.

The next one is planned to take place in the African region.

Again, special thanks to Alan Hawkins and Dataplex for hosting the event!

(clockwise: Alan Hawkins, Kiril Sushan, Steve Campbell-Ferguson, Sorin Andone, Silviu Hera, Sylwester Biernacki, Damian Nowak, Marius Condor, Mladen Mijakic, Alvaro Britto, Goran Đoreski)


2nd Datacentres Central and Eastern Europe

22-23 February 2012, Prague

IDC-G attended the conference along together the leaders of datacentre businesses across central and eastern Europe which included IDC-G’s Alliance Members in the region: Dataplex (Hungary), De Novo (Ukraine), NX Data (Romania), Altus IT (Croatia), Plix (Poland), and IXcellerate (Russia).

Alan Hawkins, Commercial Director of Dataplex, and Sylwester Biernacki, CEO of Plix were among the two representatives of the five countries who joined the leadership panel, while David Cologne, Co-Founder & Director of IXcellerate had an interesting discussion on Finance and Investments in the markets of this region, on the panel with a few selected banking and commercial property professionals, including Gabriel Harris, Director of CBRE.

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(David Cologne, third right, on the Finance and Investments panel)